Köln / Cologne 48hrs : Top Positions at 6hrs

At 6hrs into the race the top 5 positions are as follows

1 –  Schwerk. 39.93 miles / 64.272 km
2 – Tarascio. 56.547
3 – Sjavik. 56.547
4 – Sichel. 34.56 miles / 55.620 km
5 – Brill. 55.311

William in 4th is sticking to pre-race plans and running at a reasonable pace but aiming to have a literally conservative start, aiming to keep his speed down a bit to conserve energy in order to keep his pace up in the later stages.

Wolfgang Schwerk has characteristically got off to a fast start, aiming to open an early lead (and then aiming to keep it) – as ever, it remains to be seen whether he will manage to do so.

Currently Wolfgang (in #1 spot) leads William (in #4) by around 5 miles / 8.5 km

As I mentioned briefly earlier, this race has an unusually high number of top-class competitors and is likely to turn into a race in every sense of the word, with at least 3 or 4 of the entrants in a perfectly viable position to win the event.

It should be an exiting race – more updates as I get them!