Köln / Cologne 48hr – update to 26hrs




At 17hrs (through the night) Alan described the running surface as being

“Still very dusty and hard on the feet”

William at 17hrs - "Dusty and hard on the feet"


18hrs – William reached 87 miles / 140km

Alan told me that it was a

“Cool wind free morning. Ideal conditions”

At 18hrs 30 mins

William has some (non-alcoholic!) beer for breakfast


Beer for Breakfast


At 19hrs William was on 92.35 miles / 148.629km and had moved up into 5th position


21hrs and William had reached passed 100miles, having reached 101.9 miles /  164kms


William at 21hrs 30 mins

Surface continues to throw up dust

Trond takes his first break

Trond takes his first break

Everyone enjoys the fun of ultra-distance…

The joys of ultra-distance


At the end of the first half of the race, William was in 5th position having covered 115.82 miles /  186.4kms

For this stage of the race, William was 0.87 miles / 1.4kms ahead of our pre-race plans., so one could pretty much say he has been running exactly to target (he decided to change the length of his work periods a little, but has kept the overall ratio and average speed the same).

Alan tells me that William is currently

“Surviving on ice cream and beer”

Which sounds like a common way to spend a sunny Saturday. Apart of course from the running over 100 miles while doing so…

Alan tells me that the race so far has been

“hard but William is still battling”.

William will take a 20 min break after which, as Alan put it

“then the real hard work begins. ”

The weather has taken a slight turn for the worse and it looks like it may deteriorate – Alan says it is

“Now windy, very dusty and rain is on the way”

William – Running on Saturday morning “hard but William is still battling”


At 26hrs William had moved up into 4th place and had covered 123 miles / 198.07km. At this stage he is approximately 8 miles / 13km behind the current race leader Jan van der Evre – with another 22hrs of running ahead….