Köln / Cologne 48hr – 34hrs – William passes 250km & in #1 position

A quick update. At 34hrs into the 48hr race, William has taken the 1st position by a narrow lead. The first 5 positions/distances are as follows.


Position Name Finish Nation Total
1 Sichel,William FOH GBR 250.60 155.5Miles
2 Ebbert,Nobert FOH GER 250.29
3 van de Erve,Jan FOH NED 249.67
4 Flick,Markus FOH GER 247.51
5 Ruppert,Ralf FOH GER 239.78

As you can see from the distances, there is still really nothing much between the top 5 competitors, with only around 10km between the #1 and 5 positions. With 14 more hours to go, it is still very much anybody’s race.

As it is obviously never wise to talk too much about strategy while a race is on, I won’t add much other than that having taken the lead William will be aiming to make the most of this. It will be very interesting to look at the positions in a few hours time….

More soon, Shaun