Köln / Cologne 48hr – 32hrs ALL runners

At 32hrs the top positions are as follows :

1 Ebbert,Nobert GER 248,13km
2 van de Erve,Jan NED 241,02km
3 Flick,Markus GER 236,08km
4 Sichel,William GBR 235,77km

William, in 4th, is 12.36km (7.68 miles) behind the current race leader, with another 16hrs still to go.

5 runners have now pulled out of the race :

Nicklaus,Dagmar DNF GER 85,28 0,00
Schwerk,Wolfgang DNF GER 68,60 0,00
Schlotter,Hans-Jürgen DNF GER 54,08 0,00
Leismann,Manfred DNF GER 53,46 0,00
Courtney,Anth DNF AUS 46,66 0,00

The full positions/distances of the athletes are as follows (all distances in KM).


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