Köln / Cologne 48hr – 14hr results (all runners)

Thanks to Bob Stultiens who pointed me in the direction of the correct URL, I now have access to hourly results for all entrants in the 48hr World Cup in Köln (and so do you!), courtesy of Step Steppenhahn’s website.

Step’s done a great job in providing details for all runners and offering a choice of detailed and summarised views of the data, but the data can be a bit hard to take in for those not involved in the sport, so you may just want to look at positions and distances.

Rather than delay posting while converting figures to miles as well as km etc, I have created a graphic of the most detailed information available from Step’s site and I’ll leave it to you to check the position, distance etc of any athlete you may be following (with the exception of William and/or any others that Alan mentions by email, who I will continue to cover in more detail whenever I have information).

Here are the positions at 14hrs (click to enlarge) – All distances in KM

48hr World Cup, Köln, results at 14hrs

The latest results (by the hour) can be viewed on Step’s site (which is in German) here :


On the home page there is a link “ergebnisse nach 8h” : Ergebnisse nach 8h

(the text may possibly change)

This link should direct you to this page : http://www.steppenhahn.de/6days/resultkoeln.html?intval=1&detail=0&sum=0

But the link has been a little problematic, so you may have to reach it via the homepage.

I will post periodic updates for all runners positions / distances as often as possible.

All the best, Shaun