Köln / Cologne 48hr – 10hr lead positions

I have the distances for the top 3 runners at the 10hr mark. Unfortunately I don’t have any other positions/distances at present – I’m hoping the official race site will have some chip updates at some point, but no sign at present. As and when I get anything more I’ll pass it on straight away.

Ten hours into the 48hr World Cup, William was in 3rd position, but there is only room to slide a sheet of paper between the top three at present.

William (3rd) was on 55.67 miles / 89.6 km

Trond & Ebbert were effectively in joint 1st (or joint 2nd, however you want to look at it)  – both being on 55.86 miles / 89.9 km – or in other words just 333 metres ahead of William (which isn’t exactly much in a 2-day race).

We can probably expect to see the current top 3 (and maybe some others) swap places a few times over the next few hours. Not that this actually matters much – no-one wins a medal for leading at the half-way point….

As William reached 90 km (about 56 miles) he took a pre-planned 20 minute break, and is now back on the track and running well. William is obviously in fine form at present, and is actually ahead of schedule for this point in the race.

More news as I get it.