Information from ChampionChip Greece

I’ve had a polite but not very helpful reply back from ChampionChip Greece who are officially recording the distances covered and – theoretically – giving online updates as to distances and positions.

Trying to keep this fairly simple I wrote :

Please could you let me know when the next update on positions in the Athens 1000 mile race will appear on-line?

Please could you also tell me how often you intend to update the on-line information?

No update has appeared on your site for over 24hrs.

I am attempting to provide “live” coverage of the event and it would be extremely useful to have very regular updates for the athletes.

Thanking you,

Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe

The reply was as follows

Dear Mrs Thorpe,

The results of the 1000 miles Race  at the Athens Ultramarathon festival are updating every 12 hours.
This is what we do so far and we will keep on doing till the end of the event.
The results you see on the web site are the daily results, so when each day ends you can see only the total number of kilometers for every runner/day and not the intermediate (1,5 days – 2,5 days etc.)
The results are being updated at 2 o’ clock in the night (local time) and 2 o’ clock midday.
I am at your disposal for any further information.

Best regards,

Nikos Polias
Championchip Hellas
Timing and Results

Possibly I have managed to prod them slightly as I have just seen some new updates for the 84hr point appear – more very shortly