Helsinki – William’s Finnish Finish

William's Finnish Finish

With the final results now in there is not a lot more to say (but I’ll do a couple of “round up” posts before I finally sign off and get some sleep!) howver I thought it was worth making a few comments on William’s finish – which looking at the results must have been a pretty amazing last hour.

At 23hrs he had covered 163.42 km. His final distance at 24hrs was 175.9464 km, meaning that he ran the last hour of the race at just over 12.5 kmh – which is pretty good after 23hrs of running.

But then, after 24hrs, William was probably starting to warm-up properly!

We’ll all be looking forward to seeing what he can achieve in the Athens 1000 mile race which will take place over (up to) 16 days (the maximum time allowed to complete 1000 miles – I believe that no-one has managed to do this in the last decade, but we hope to change that…).

For more details, check back here in the near future.

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