Helsinki – William running well

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William - "only" another 9 hours to go...

William seems to have put his rough patch behind him and is looking stronger already.

At 15hrs he has so far run 129.1 km.

With 9 hrs to go, William will have his sights set on achieving 200 km+ if at all possible – not that running 70+km in nine hours is ever exactly “easy”… (in context this getting on for 2 marathons back-to-back – on top of the past 15hrs of running).

William is currently in 24th place in the Men’s event but will probably move up a bit over the next couple of hours (fingers crossed).

Paul Hart is currently holding 5th position, and Mark Cockbain moves up one to 19th place

As we move toward the final third of the race, anything could happen… nine hours is a long time in any race.

More news as it arrives,