Helsinki – The Esport Arena & the running track

The race track at the Esport Arena

The race track at the Esport Arena

As I was asked about the track length a little while ago here is a bit more information on the set-up at the Esport Arena where the Endurance 24hr race is taking part.

The race is being run on a 390 meter mondo-surfaced indoor track which occupies one floor of the multi-story Arena.

The track was officially measured on 07.11.2007 by Olli-Matti Penttinen.

The temperature in the arena is about 18-20°C (about 65°F) – or to be exact (according to Alan’s thermometer this afternoon) today it is 19.5c.

The Esport Arena in Espoo, Finland’s 2nd largest city and part of the “Greater Helsinki” area. The Arena is located about 20km from Helsinki City centre.

Entry for the race was limited to a maximum of 120 runners – (I believe there were 119 starters at 10am UK time this morning) .

Runner's warm up at last year's race

  • 40 places were reserved for Non-Finnish runners.
  • 60 places were reserved for Finnish runners.
  • 20 places were reserved for international elite-level runners, who have 24 hour result at least 220 km (Men) or 200 km (Women) or achievements comparable to those results.

(Although the 24hr race is not William’s main strong point as he is a multi-day specialist, he still qualifies as an Elite level 24hr runner).

Run till you drop...

While most of the serious competitors will aim to be on track for more or less the entire 24hrs, or at least take no more than very short breaks, there are facilities for anyone needing a rest during the event (And there will probably be plenty of takers!)

More on the race venue etc a little later on…