Helsinki – Latest news at 4.5hrs

A few comments and observations from Alan (working hard crewing for William at the race).

William in Helsinki

William is currently doing well,  (as Alan puts it) running “…with his usual

Paul Hart in Helsinki

smooth style and mixing in a little walking while looking so comfortable.”

Paul Hart “…appears to have gone out from the start to post a GBR qualifying distance for the World Championships in May 2010. It is very very early but he looks calm”.

The temperature inside the stadium is a steady 19.5c

Alan also tells me that there are “Great views to the outside of Snowland, as small amounts of snow fall” – but I expect that while Alan’s enjoying this most of the natural beauty is currently lost on the runners who no doubt have other things on their minds! Actually, the weather sounds pretty much like it is at home here in Orkney at present, although perhaps in our case the scenery looks more to be covered in dandruff than snowdrifts.

More news as I get it,