Helsinki – British positions/distances at 23hrs

As we draw towards a close with less than 15 mins of the race left to run, a brief catch-up on the positions of the 3 British entrants in the Men’s 24hr race.

Mark Cockbain - now the leading British runner in Helsinki

Mark Cockbain, who has run steadily throughout the race, has seen his efforts rewarded to become the leading Briton at 23hrs. Mark now has 18th place with a distance at 23hrs of  168.10 km.

Paul Hart - slows in the final stages after a strong run

Paul Hart, who held the #4 spot for many hours, has been steadily dropping back in the final stages and with an hour to go was in 28th place with a distance of 162.25 km, dashing his earlier hopes of a qualifying distance for the World Games later this year. But it is early days in Paul’s 24 hr racing career and he should learn a lot from his race experiences and will remain one of Scotland’s top 24hr-race prospects for the future.

William overtakes Paul Hart to become the leading Scot

William has battled through adversity and kept on running through some tough patches in the race, and has now overtaken Paul Hart. William is currently in 26th position with a distance at 23hrs of 163.42 km and will doubtless continue to crank out as much distance as he can. For William, who considers the 24hr race to be his weakest event and now largely regards the 24hr race as “practice” for his multi-day performances, this performance won’t be all he may have hoped it might have been, but will still be good training for the up-and-coming 1000 mile race.