Helsinki – After 11hrs…

A quick stock-taking of the current position.

William moves up to 14th place after 11hrs

Nothing much has changed in the top three positions in either the Men’s or Women’s races.

In the Men’s race Finland still have 1-2-3 – although it has now become 5, 6 and 8 as well with Norwegians in 4th and 7th places.

Paul Hart has dropped a little to currently be in 9th place with a distance so far of 108.04 km.

The positions have moved up and down a few times, but currently William has moved up to 14th place with 104.53km thus far (only around 3.5km behind Paul Hart).

Britain’s Mark Cockburn has moved back up the field a little and is currently in 20th place with a distance of 101.8 km

In the Women’s event it is still :

Sumie Inagaki of Japan is still in 1st place
Outi Siimes of Finland is currently in 2nd position
Emelie Andersen  of Sweden is at present in 3rd