Guest Post: Portable Oxygen For Runners. The Next Big Thing?

clip_image002Portable Oxygen For Runners. The Next Big Thing?

Runners are notoriously shy about trying new things – barefoot running and Vibram Five Fingers are good examples.

Triathletes are more likely to test new products and potions for their sport, probably because they operate at the “Extreme” end of the sports spectrum.

But the sports people who are most likely to try anything shiny and new in sport are bodybuilders and strongmen.

So it should come as no surprise to learn that it’s that group who have adopted canned oxygen as their new “Must have” supplement.

What about runners?

Oxygen in sport isn’t new. It’s been around since 1908, when the first experiments were carried out, and Sir Roger Bannister used it when he was training for the four minute mile.

The problem for years has been the high cost, and the lack of portability – those big British Oxygen canisters aren’t easy to transport!

But all that changed last year when a British company booost oxygen started marketing their own product, which is 99.5% oxygen, with a natural peppermint flavouring, in two handy aerosol sized tanks.

The product is designed to “help athletes get through their wall.” In other words, it’s designed to provide that extra surge of energy when it’s most needed. It’s not, therefore, something that might immediately appeal to us as runners. Most of our training is about steady distance at aerobic heart rates, and booost is for those occasion when you go distinctly anaerobic. A great example would be on hill sprints – we all know how effective they are at building overall speed, and a few shots of booost between reps is very effective for aiding the short recovery and getting you ready for the next run up the hill.

One area that booost can benefit all runners is in recovery. There’s nothing more effective at helping the body clear lactic acid build up and reduce the muscular pain from a long run – five, or even ten “shots” at the end of a hard run soon soothes the muscles into relaxation.

You can find out much more about booost, read the research and a load of testimonials at their website: