Fixing Your Feet

For all of us involved in running, let alone ultra distance running, our feet really are the ‘tools of our trade’.  Having said that, it still amazes me how many runners basically ignore their feet.

I have become a fanatic about foot preparation and care because I know just how critical it can be to good and consistent performances in ultra racing, whether on road, track or trail.

Several years ago I discovered the writings of American, John Vonhof and in particular his bible of foot care “Fixing Your Feet” published by Wilderness Press; 5th edition edition (25 Feb 2011).

This book should be read by every long distance runner and then referred to after every race in which any kind of foot problem has occurred.  No matter how good our foot care, we can never take our methods for granted.  Some small change during our next race and problems may crop up, that you have never experienced before.  That’s when you reach, again, for “Fixing Your Feet”.

The author also has an excellent blog which can be found HERE