Evreux 48hr – William sets new (M55) World Record for 12hrs

This is subject to confirmation/ratification but it looks like William has set a new age group (Male 55+) World Record for 12hrs Indoor Track (which of course by default also gives him the Scottish and GB 12hr indoor M55 records).

Assuming that all is correct, this will mean William currently holds 4 World Records for M55 – this one (12hr indoor track), 1000km road, 6-day road and 1000 miles road – ALL of which he has set this year.

Obviously William is going to be delighted, and justifiably so – there is a considerable difference in duration/distance between 12hrs (with 64.68 miles /104.1 km) and 1000 miles (in 13 days, 20 hours, 8 minutes, 1 second) – in many ways by the standards of ultra-distance running this is a bit like holding the world records for both a 100 metre sprint and the 1500 metres at the same time.

It would seem a bit smug to say I’m not surprised that William has managed this, but having been training him for the past few years, measuring his rate of improvement ad progression, and knowing his current form, it is actually what we were expecting.

But the race isn’t over yet – in fact there are still 36hrs to go. So the question at this point is, what else can William achieve in this race….?

More soon,