Evreux 48hr – The Competitors

I’ve tried to be a little bit clever here and I’ve used an autotranslation of some of the official website (from French) then hotlinked it into this post before editing. Or, to put it another way, blah-blah-technobabble-blah. Anyway, here is some info on the competitors (both runners and walkers), sorry for any errors !

Heather Foundling-Hawker

(Great Britain)

Last Performance : British Champion of the 100 km

Objective for the UIN:

Website: http://www.hands-on.me.uk/

Cornellier Bullig (Germany)

Last Performance : 2009 Vice-champion of Germany 24

Objective for BUD : ***


Martine Bertin (France)

Last Performance : 2010 48 Surgères with 296,318 km

Goal for the NIU: Reaching the 300 km

Chantal Pain (France)

Last Performance ***

Objective for the UIN: reach 300 km

Robert Miorin (France)

Last Performance : 24h Leognan”Emma”to 178 km

Goal for the NIU : ***

Jean-Gilles Boussiquet (France)

Last Performance : 24 School St Maixent 170,388 km

Goal for the NIU : 320 km, 48 indoor record!

Christophe Laborie (France)

Last Performance 6 days Antibes 805 km

Objective for the UIN: Finish the year on a good performance

William Sichel (Scotland)

Last Performance : 1000 miles from Athens

Goal for the NIU : To represent Scotland, nation

Website : www.williansichel.co.uk

Patrick Malandain (France)

Last Performance Le Havre – Istanbul 2009, 3230 km

Goal for the NIU : Discovering the Indoor!


Philip Billard (France)

Last Performance : 6 Days of Antibes 2010

Goal for the NIU : Know your limit and represent the magazine Ultrafondus

Website : www.ultrafondus.net

Pallaruelo Gilles (France)

Last Performance 353 km in 48 hours

Goal for the NIU : Approaching 400 km

Yvonnick Simon (France)

Last Performance 24H Royan 160km

Objective for the UIN: 300 km

Peter Mitev (France)

Last Performance : 2009 3rd Arcueil to 24 with 205,740 km

Goal for the NIU : ***


Peter Kluke (Slovakia – France)

Last Performance : 2009 Winner of 24 with 218,790 km of Puttelange

Goal for the NIU : ***

Josiane Pannier (France)

Last Performance Winner in June 2010 of six days of walking with Antibes 473.972
km (World record)

Objective for the UIN: World record 48 hours walking female. (295 km)

Martina Haussmann (Germany)

Last Performance : 2010 F50 world record for 1,000 kilometers and 1,000 miles

Goal for the NIU : Approaching 300 km

Grassi Alain (France)

Last Performance 701,892 km in 6 days in Antibes

Objective for the UIN:Approaching the world record March 48


Bruno Lefevre (France)

Last Performance : 200 km in 30h for Telethon

Goal for the NIU : 300 km walk

Daniel Dalphin (France)

Last Performance : 155km to St Maixent (24h)

Goal for the NIU : Approaching 300 km / Wheelchair

Lives Philippe (France)

Last Performance : Vice champion of France of 100km 2009 (France record holder of the distance)

Goal for the NIU : Beating the world record for walking  48hr