Evreux 48hr – Technical difficulties at the race

Alan tells me that the screens at the race i.e. those showing laps, times, distances, splits etc – have been down for a while which makes reporting a bit harder for everyone, and indeed makes the officials’ job a lot more tricky too.

Officials looking worried

Alan tells me that the officials are looking worried about “No screen and no printouts.”

But things are looking good for William, Alan had been timing him and says he is currently doing

“laps @ 64secs !!”

Which is great!

More technical difficulties….

Added to the above I’ve been unable to get any data from the official race website here (maybe you may have better luck, gentle reader – if so, please let me know!). The website looks to be very good and apparently is posting race updates etc, but aside from my limited ability to read French (I’m mainly relying on google as a translator), the site requires membership in order to actually see any results. I of course filled out the application but so far have been waiting for about 24hrs to have my membership approved…. So at this rate we may see live updates on the blog some time after the end of the race (!!!).

More as I get it…