“Crazy Day” in Athens…

A bit more from Alanwho tells me it is a

“crazy kind of day when the 24 hour runners join the race and the numbers of both athletes and onlookers increase dramatically, and invade “our”  space which the 1000 milers have now occupied for over 13 Days.”

– I guess that answer’s Lynn David Newton’s earlier question – it is tough having multiple races on the same track at the same time…

Alan also mentions that in the photo  posted recently (below) you get to see two of Japan’s best ultra runners as William and Hiroko were talking to Sekiyo Ryochi.

Hiroko and William talk to Sekiyo Ryochi

Alan says, “Sekiyo was arriving for the 24 hour race while Hiroko was battling it out in the womens 1000 miles”

More very shortly.