Crawley 12hr Track – William's Result

A little later than hoped, here is William’s race result and a few more photos.

Alan tells me that William finished 5th Overall and was 1st in his age group (M55)

William ran a total of 113.420kms (70.48 miles) during the 12 hrs.


William himself added that it was

“…steady going to the finish.”

All in all we are pleased with the way the race went. This was William’s shortest race for 7 years (those of you who follow his racing will realise that William specialises in multi-day racing, so 12hrs is a bit of a sprint for him).

We made the decision some time ago that William wouldn’t do a full race taper prior to Crawley, just reducing his weight training and running intensity a little during the week prior to the race, and aiming primarily to use the 12hr race as preparation for the 6-day event in Hungary, 4th-10th May – so in context William’s performance was all we had hoped it would be.

William will be back to full training shortly after his return to Orkney. He’ll aiming to get a few quick of days of rest now (which he is going to need, as I have a couple of extremely demanding one-rep max squat and deadlift sessions lined up for him next week, after which he will resume his “Phase 2” training during the run-up to Hungary).

More anon,


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