Costas Baxenanis

Costas - Running in Helsinki earlier this year

Greek Ultra-runner Costas Baxenanis (better known simply as “Costas”) would appear to be out of the 1000 Mile World Cup, having run 542km / 337 miles.

Costas with Wolfgang Schwerk early in the race

Costas Baxevanis – GRE – 53 M

The race organiser and an accomplished multiday performer himself.

ChampionChip Greece list’s Costas as DNF (Did Not Finish the race) but I don’t have details of exactly why Costas has pulled out at this point. Naturally an injury is one possibility (German runner Walter Zimmerman pulled out earlier in the race as a result of injury after 100 miles), but it is quite possible that Costas has simply had to make the sacrifice of pulling out of the race to return to his duties as Race Director for the Athens Ultramarathon festival, of which the 1000 mile race is a part.

Costas congratulating William on a previous win in Athens

Alan commented that there was as yet “No official word, but it would have been very difficult to be race director for so many events and fully take part.”

And Alan is putting this mildly considering that the Athens Ultramarathon Festival consists of :

1000-miles: March 15-31
7-day race: March 24-31
24hr race: March 27-28
48hr race: March 26-28
72hr race: March 25-28

Organising and overseeing that lot while simultaneously running 1000 miles might understandably slightly overtax anyone…

Best wishes and hopes for a lack of injury from all at “Team Sichel” go to Costas Baxevanis – without whom this race would not be taking place

14th #4 Baxevanis Costas M GRE 542 km 337 miles DNF