Commonwealth Championships 24hr – update at 12hrs+

Another quick phone call from Tim and a little more news.

William is/was on +100km at around the 12hr point.

William had a minor bit of stomach trouble at around 12hrs but nothing major. He took a 10 minute sit down (his first break of the race) at about the 12hr point, then returned to the track and is running as usual.

Arun Bhardwaj of India is looking to be running well at present.

Chris Carver of England had a brief bad patch but has started running strongly again and is/was in 8th place at 12hrs. Tim tells me he is currently “moving well”.

Richie Cunningham of Scotland looks to be running well too.

All the Scottish women are currently doing well.

Tim tells me that the weather in Wales is ok – not too cold (many of the runners are still just in vest tops). The wind has dropped and it is cool but fairly mild.

The course itself seems to be good, with no very sharp bends or corners and a pretty even surface (no notable inclines or declines etc) throughout.

More news as I get it