Commonwealth Championships 24hr – New GB Women’s 100 Mile Record

William is taking a longer break now but will be back on the track shortly. Which gave a hard working Tim a chance for another phone call (Tim’s now wondering if he has time to nip off for a quick run himself…. The Championship rules prohibit the crew running along trackside – even for short distances & legitimate crewing purposes – and I think after more than 15hrs Tim’s had enough of standing or sitting for a bit…).


Although unofficial and subject to later ratification / confirmation,  Lizzy Hawker (England) has set a  new women’s GB record for 100 miles.

Tim gave me the unofficial time of 14hrs 46mins 20 secs – which is roughly 3mins under Hillary Walker’s previous GB record (and only about 3 mins more than current Women’s 100 mile World Record).

So a very big congratulations to Lizzy – and here’s hoping she can keep up the pace to set a new 24hr GB record.

More news as I get it…