Commonwealth Championships 24hr 2011 – Scots Positions @ 3hrs

This time around I’m going to be posting information gathered from quite a variety of sources, including Facebook and Twitter so please bear with me if any news or data is presented as snippets.

At 3hrs into the 24hr race the Scottish runners had covered the following number of LAPS – please note that this is LAPS not Miles or KM – I will do my best to give distances as and when possible.

 Scottish Runners at 3hrs

36 Laps Bib #39 Paul Hart Scotland M DOB : 27/04/1969
34 Laps Bib #40 Steven Mason Scotland M DOB : 21/10/1967
32 Laps Bib #38 Richie Cunningham Scotland M DOB : 11/07/1969
31 Laps Bib #42 Sharon Law Scotland F DOB : 09/03/1975
30 Laps Bib #43 Deborah Martin-Consani Scotland F DOB : 04/04/1975
29 Laps Bib #41 William Sichel Scotland M DOB : 01/10/1953
28 Laps Bib #44 Pauline Walker Scotland F DOB : 04/08/1962

Thanks to John Kynaston for this information (via Facebook)

More coming up…