Commonwealth Championships 24hr – 11hr info

More news from John Kynaston via Twitter & Facebook and by ‘phone from Tim Rainey.

John Kynaston - Always a bit of a braveheart

John Kynaston - Always a bit of a braveheart

Paul Hart is having a brief sleep break after a rough couple of hours. Tim tells me that Paul has had some foot and also some stomach problems. Hopefully he’ll be back running soon.

John Kynaston is off to his B+B for the night and hopefully will be back for more updates in the morning. Obviously nipping off to have a kip at getting on for midnight is par for the course for most people, but I expect that John, being a good Scot, intends to make sure that if he’s paying for a bed he’s going to get his money’s worth.With luck there will be porridge for breakfast.

Tim will be by trackside throughout the night, but it may be a while before I get any more updates.

Latest figures :

1 Lap = 0.64 miles or 1.02 km

At 11hrs

Men’s Race Leader (and 1st overall) is John Pares on 119 Laps (about 120km)

Women’s Race Leader is Lizzy Hawker on 118 Laps (about 119km)


Scottish Lap Counts as follows :


119 Laps  Bib #40  Steven  Mason  Scotland  M  DOB : 21/10/1967
108 Laps  Bib #42  Sharon  Law  Scotland  F  DOB : 09/03/1975
105 Laps  Bib #43  Deborah  Martin-Consani  Scotland  F  DOB : 04/04/1975
104 Laps  Bib #38  Richie  Cunningham  Scotland  M  DOB : 11/07/1969
096 Laps  Bib #41  William  Sichel  Scotland  M  DOB : 01/10/1953
096 Laps  Bib #44  Pauline  Walker  Scotland  F  DOB : 04/08/1962
086 Laps  Bib #39  Paul  Hart  Scotland  M  DOB : 27/04/1969