Championchip Site now giving data

The Championchip race updates have finally appeared and should now update hourly throughout the race.
(Unfortunately in my opinion) the Greek championchip site is putting the race information up as a PDF showing the current (i.e. last hour on the hour) positions of the racers, but without any form of archive of the previous hours’ results. They are also showing the distances in KM only (which is a bit of a shame in a 1000 MILE race…).
All this makes it rather hard over the course of time to easily see e.g. if a runner has been off-track for a few hours, how many MILES they have run etc, and if you haven’t kept a record of earlier positions yourself you can’t tell if a runner has moved up or down, increased or decreased speed (and so on).
I’ll be asking Alan to continue sending his periodic updates as and when he can, plus I will convert the PDF file to an image as often as possible (but this does mean I can’t correct any names or convert km to miles, as what you will see here is a picture only.
I will if necessary capture and convert the latest PDF into a spreadsheet and convert the km figures into miles, then copy and paste this to the blog – but as you can imagine this would take a while and I won’t be able to do it every hour throughout the race, so please bear with me.
Latest updates will appear here :
Latest  Times/Distances/Positions

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