BUF 6-Day Race – update at 31hrs

At circa 31hrs the top 3 positions remain unchanged, but the distances are narrowing.

As I type (just before the turn of the hour) :

In #1 spot Kenji Okiyama of Japan is still the current race leader with 142.42 miles / 229.2 km

In #2 is Diddier Sessegolo of France with 140.93 miles / 226.8 km (around 2+ km / 1.5 miles  behind the race leader)

William is in #3 with 136.45 miles / 219.6km (a tad less than 10km / 6 miles behind the race leader, and around 7km / 4.5 miles behind the #2).

Christian Ritella of Sweden in #4 is also running strongly, around 10km / 6 miles behind William at present.

Latest distances & positions are updating live here