BUF 6-Day Race – Update @ 58hrs 30mins

At 58hrs 30mins…

It’s been an eventful afternoon at the 6-Day race.

Earlier today Didier Sessegolo took the lead with William slipping back into 2nd place.

Didier then took a break & William drew exactly even (perfectly matched distance) before taking a break himself.

Didier came back on track an hour to an hour-and-a-half before William and used the time well to get (at one point) an almost 11km lead.

Back on track, William set about eroding this with some hard and determined running, eventually catching and then passing Didier.

As I type, William now once again leads by around 1 mile / 1.5km with Didier virtually breathing down his neck in the 2 spot.

Kanji Okiyama who lead the race for much of the first 36hrs or so has slipped down into 4th place while Sweden’s Christian Ritella moves up into 3rd.

William has now covered 237.11 miles / 381.6 km and it looks like the runners will have a long night ahead of them… and there’s once again very little distance between the top 3 runners….

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More as it happens…

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