BUF 6-Day Race – Race Finished! William Sets New M55 World Record for 6-Day (Track)

The 6-Day Race will now be over, we are still waiting on exact final distances although the positions will be

Didier Sessegolo (France) #1 overall & M45 category

William Sichel (Scotland) #2 overall & #1 M55 category

Christian Ritella (Sweden) #3 overall and #1 M40 category

In the women’s race

#1 overall & W55 is Christine David (France)

Elizabeth Bauer (USA) in #2 overall & #1 W50

and I believe #3 overall will be Lorna McLean of Scotland who will be #1 in the W35 category.

The big news for Team Sichel however is that in addition to the Scottish & British M55 500 Mile (Track) records that William set earlier, and once again subject to official confirmation and ratification etc, William will have set new Scottish, British and World M55 6-Day (Track) records.

William will probably treat himself to a pint later… and when he gets back I may generously allow him an extra half-day off training to celebrate 😉

More when we have the final offical results.

shaun – www.ULTRAfitnessTraining.com