BUF 6-Day Race – 35hr update

The top 3 positions could hardly be any closer at 35hrs into the 144hr race, with less than 4 miles / 6 km between the present #1 Kenji Okiyama of Japan and William currently in #3.

As I type, William is around 1 mile / 1.5km behind Didier Sessegolo in #2, and will probably pass the French runner shortly, although with 109hrs left in the 6-day race, the top 3 positions are likely to swap around several times.

1 Kenji Okiyama JPN M45 250 km 155.34 miles
2 Didier Sessegolo FRA M45 246 km 152.86 miles
3 William Sichel SCO M55 244.4 km 151.61  miles