BUF 6-Day Race – 132hrs (12hrs to go!)

As we approach the last few hours of the race, Didier Sessegolo is in 1st, Christian Ritella is in 2nd and William is in 3rd.

Correction – While I was typing this post, William has just regained 2nd place and Christian is now in 3rd (but obviously they are basically neck-and-neck!). Christian has already set a new Swedish 6-Day record in this race.

Final positions aside, William will be looking to achieve 2 main targets as we approach the 144hr point

To reach 500 Miles


To set a new M55 World Record for 6-Day (Track)

As I type William has covered 472.24 miles / 760.4 km and still has 12 (long and painful!) hours still to race…

After already running for 5 and a half days, can William cover more than another marathon in distance to reach 500 miles?

Personally I’m confident he can… but only time will tell…