William’s ActiveLife: Boxing Circuits with Katie

William’s ActiveLife: Boxing Circuits with Katie
As usual I arrived about 10 minutes before the class was due to begin and spoke to Katie about how it was organised. This class is included with your ActiveLife subscription and all equipment is provided.
The class is one in which you will need a partner as boxing requires one person to wear the gloves and the other the pads, so your body isn’t being punched – only the pads.  I arrived alone, but it was no problem to find another participant to team up with.
The format is very much like a circuit, as the name suggests, with a set exercise time then an alert to move on to the next station and so on.  The 30 minute class is based on five boxing routines alternated with other exercises including solo skipping, medicine ball bounce, a dumbbell routine, curtsy squat, lunges and so on.
I found that I soon got used to the boxing moves considering that it is a long time since I donned any boxing gloves.  As is usual with this type of class there is motivational music playing and Katie calls out instructions and encouragement throughout.
The cool down period at the end is based on boxing moves too.
I found it to be a very different type of class with the punching and being punched creating a unique sensation not experienced in other classes.
Katie said the class is popular because it provides a different, fun and intensive 30 minutes of exercise that can be squeezed into a lunch break.
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