Bislett International Indoor Endurance Festival 48 Hour Race

Really looking forward to this one and so long since I was in Oslo (1977 as a table tennis player). The 24 hour event has been going for many years and its great that Geir and Sharon now feel confident enough to offer a 48 hour option as well.  Lets hope it all works well. My previous 48 hour races on road, track and indoor have always been blighted by stomach issues.

It is somewhat ironic that all my best road 48 hour performances were recorded as splits in much longer multiday races where stomach issues haven’t been an issue.

Time for all that to change!

The very well researched Vitargo has altered the picture now and is the only carb source I have found that doesn’t upset me and doesn’t cause the ‘stone in stomach’ feeling.  My plan was well rehearsed during the Tooting 24 hour in September so I’m looking forward to a good run in Norway.

My current indoor best is 344.267km /213.92 miles, set back in 2007 in the Czech town of Brno.

Many thanks to all my sponsors for helping to get me to Norway, Scapa Travel for booking the journey and to Alan Young for his crew support