BBC Radio Orkney

Apparently the BBC’s “Radio Orkney” did a short piece on William this morning (which I’m afraid I missed) and I believe the will be doing regular updates throughout the race (at least that is the plan as I’ve been asked to email them daily reports).They may possibly also feature news in their evening programme (details below).

Unfortunately at present the current show doesn’t seem to be available on the BBC iPlayer servise (but I’ll check back in case this changes – they seem to usually make the show available on-line).

Radio Orkney’s home page is here :

From their site :

Radio Orkney Orkney * Radio Scotland Weekdays 07:30-08:00

Radio Scotland Around Orkney

The latest BBC Radio Scotland news on demand from the North East.

BBC Radio Orkney brings you ‘Around Orkney’ every weekday from 0730-0800.

The programme features local news and weather, diary, the jobspot, mart report and postbag. Listen to the latest bulletin * Radio Scotland Monday to Friday 18:05-19:00 Radio Scotland Radio Orkney’s Evening Programme Radio Orkney’s evening programmes – Monday to Friday, 1805-1900.