Balaton 6-Day Race 2013 – Less than 14 hours to go…

As I mentioned earlier today, there’s been a  battle for 3rd position going on for the past couple of days between William and Miro Režonja from Slovakia.

William has managed to hold on to third position for most of this period, with Miro nosing ahead of him every time William takes a break, and then William managing to claw back his lead some time later.

This has happened several times today, with first William ahead, then Miro, then William. Currently it’s Miro’s turn and William is in 4th  (but how long for is another matter).

At present William has covered roughly 688.5 km / 428 miles and is taking a brief break.  He’ll then be back on track for the final (just under) 14 hours of the race.



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