Balaton 6-Day Race 2013 – at 6hrs into 144hrs

A quick update at the 6hr point.

William has currently covered approximately 60 km / 37.28 miles, averaging a pace of roughly 10 kmh (including his break time off-track).

William is currently in 7th place, with only around a maximum of 2.5 miles / 4.5 km separating the 2nd to 8th placed runners at present.

The current  number 1, race leader Johan van der Merwe, is around 10 miles / 15km ahead of William.

Personally I expect Johan van der Merwe to lead the race for most if not all of the first 48hrs or so, after which things may change a bit…

More news coming up and a reminder that you can view live video coverage from the race on The Webcam Page and that we have live updates of distances & positions via chip information from the race Here

More shortly…