Athens – News from Alan

I have swapped emails with Alan this evening and he tells me that Lucio Bazzana (current #3) has increased his pace in a bid to try to take the #2 spot from William.

This suits William, who has also increased his pace and currently leads Lucio Bazzana by 20 miles, holding off the Italian’s challenge.

It will be an interesting next day or two – with a lot of very hard running to come, as both William and Lucio are within the final quarter of the 1000 mile distance, and from the 800 mile point it is likely to be a real race (and it  isn’t exactly often one can talk about the last 200 miles of running being equivalent to nearing the closing stretch!).

This means that while things in Athens are hotting-up, we can expect fewer updates from Alan who will be working hard on the job of crewing. In an email earlier this evening Alan wrote,

“…this has meant intensive crewing every lap, and I have not been able to get away.

William is on a planned 2 hour break and will resume around 9:45pm, I will get one hours nap before this, and then crew him through the next5 hours, when the Finns will take over and I will get a sleep.”

Fortunately I still have a small stock of interviews, photographs, backgrounds on runners and bits on the history on the 1000 race, so even if updates from Alan are a little sporadic, there will be quite a bit appearing here shortly.

More news as I get it,