Athens 1000 miles – Wolfgang Schwerk (current #1)

Wolfgang Schwerk -Currently in 1st place

Wolfgang Schwerk – GER – 54 (Male)

Wolfgang Schwerk is an ultra-running  great from Germany who has reached the heights at distances from 24 hours (171.6 miles in 1987) to 3100 miles.

Wolfgang Schwerk in Athens this morning

If it wasn’t for Kouros, he would arguably be the very best.  Latterly his best performances have been at 48 hours (world road best 2 years ago), 6 Days and 3100 miles. Regarded by most people as the favourite to win the 1000 mile race, Wolfgang is currently holding 1st position.

Wolfgang Schwerk during the 1st night in Athens

Perhaps the main reason why Wolfgang Schwerk has been tipped to win in Athens is that he is the current World Record holder for at 3,100-miles. However, in context, Schwerk didn’t set this record under the same non-stop conditions as we have in Athens – but on the other hand, Wolfgang has the benefit of having run a truly phenomenal distance in the past, whereas prior to Athens the furthest William has covered in a single event is a bit over 500 miles.

Wolfgang Schwerk - running last night in Athens

Then again,  Willaim beat Wolfgang in a head-to-head race over six days in 2008 (when Schwerk retired early), and it remains to be seen exactly what will happen as the days pass…

Wolfgang and William at a previous 24hrs race in Athens