Athens 1000 miles – Quick update after 2hrs

Latest news from Alan is that after 2hrs William had covered a steady 11.8 miles / 19km, running slowly and comfortably during the early stages (as planned).
I will hopefully be able to give some updates on exactly which runners have started the race (there were 24 entrants but only 15 starters earlier today) but this isn’t likely to be before the 12hr mark (when, I believe, the ChampionChip website will start giving figures taken directly from the feet of the runners).
In the meantime I can confirm that Sipos Istvan (M) and Hiroko Okiyama (F) – the sporter of the pink clogs earlier –  are definetly running, but I don’t currently have confirmation on any of the other 12 starters, or any idea of their positions.
There will be a video (and audio file) of William’s thoughts concerning the start of the race (recorded before he left for Athens) appearing on the blog very shortly (just as soon as I’ve finished editing it!).
All the best,
Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe – William Sichel’s training advisor –