Athens 1000 mile race – some “Thanks”

I’d just like to say a few thanks to a few people.

Firstly, on William’s behalf –

Thank you to everyone who sent messages of support to William during the race (whether via the blog, by email, on facebook or at the race itself). I know that this lifted William in the hardest parts of the race and undoubtedly helped contribute to his performance.

Thanks to anyone who has donated to William’s race fund via the Paypal link on the right menu. As you may have gathered, normally ultra-running has little coverage from the media  and doesn’t attract very much in the way of financial support. William pays all his race entry fees, most of his travel, training and other equipment expenses out of his own (not too deep) pocket and every little helps.

Thanks of course go to Williams sponsors :  Myprotein for providing nutritional supplements, Loganair for flights from Orkney to the UK mainland and 2XL for compression clothing.

Thanks most definitely also go to those who have contributed to Macmillan Cancer Support, the charity for which William was raising funds while running in Athens (by the way, it is not too late to donate if you wish – you can click on the button on the right menu). I know that this is a cause especially relevant to William, who is himself a cancer survivor.

Thank you also to ChampionChip Greece for replies to my emails asking for race updates.

Finally, from me, – Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read these posts and especially to those who have left comments or asked questions. Writing a blog is a funny thing at times and one is often never quite sure whether anyone is really interested – but I have been amazed by the number of visits to the blog during the 1000 mile race from quite literally all over the world, and the very positive  feedback I’ve received was extremely welcome (especially during the wee small hours while waiting for news from Athens).  It has been a genuine pleasure to talk to supporters of Ultra-running from not only the UK but also (for example) Taiwan, the USA, France and of course Greece during this event, and it is reassuring to know that with so many caring individuals the future of Ultra-running is in good hands.

I’ll post any photos I get of the 1000 mile award ceremony (and I’ll try and finish off a couple more videos and audio files shortly), but other than that, farewell – until William’s next race….