Athens 1000 mile race at 12 days / 288hrs – Summary

We have a winner – and three more runners leave the race….

At  Day 12  /   288 hrs into the 1000 mile race

1st #19   Schwerk Wolfgang – GER        1000 miles    287hrs, 18mins, 32 secs  / 11d 23h 18m 32s

Wolfgang Schwerk has finished the race with a very good time but the race continues…

2nd #18   Sichel William – UK                                      865 miles                         1391 km

3rd #8     Bazzana Lucio – ITA                                    857miles                          1379 km

William and Lucio are battling both for 2nd place AND for a new M55 World Record. William currently leads by 12km / 7.45 miles, so they are virtually neck-and-neck in a race of this length, with each having less than 150 miles to go to reach the 1000 mile finishing point. The next hours will be a tremendous strain on the pair of  runners, both physically and mentally. A single mistake such as a misjudgement in pace or a poorly timed break could make all the difference between achieving a new World Record or being pipped at the post…

4th #16   Dvoracek Vlastimil – CZE                             814.5 miles                      1311 km

5th #7     Lo Wei Ming – TPE                                      799.5 miles                      1287 km

Czech runner Vlastimil Dvoracek slightly increases his lead over Taiwanese runner Lo Wei Ming in the ongoing bttle for 4th place. But with around 200 miles still left to run for these competitors, much could change during the next couple of days…

6th #10   Hausmann Martina – GER         Female 1st    796 miles                         1281 km

7th #6     Okiyama Hiroko – JPN            Female 2nd  788 miles                         1268 km

8th #9     Tahkavuori Maria – FIN           Female 3rd   764 miles                         1230 km

It is still anyone’s race in the Women’s 1000 miles. The positions haven’t changed, and the distances remain so close that it is impossible to call at this point. With all three Women moving closer to the 800 mile mark, anything could happen before they reach the 1000 mile point….

9th #13   Thanos Nikos – GRE                                    691 miles                         1112 km

Greek runner Niko Thanos is now in last place, pushing on to achieve the maximum distance possible even though he is probably rather unlikely to reach the 1000 mile mark before the end of the race at 16 days (but then again, you never know).

10th #14   Istvan Sipos – HUN                  DNF                                                    1068 km

11th #12   Nomikos Nikitas – GRE           DNF                                                    1050 km

12th #1     Sherrington Abichal – UK         DNF                                                    1000 km

13th #5     Schlotter Hans Jurgen – GER    DNF                                                    757 km

14th #4     Baxevanis Costas – GRE          DNF                                                    542 km

15th #2     Katsaros Achilleas – GRE         DNF                                                    525 km

16th 17   Zimmermann Walter – GER      DNF                                                    161 km

The other seven runners who started are now out of the race, with Sipos Istvan,  Nikitas Nomikos and Abichal Watkins (Sherrington) of Wales joining the list of those who “Did Not Finish”. I don’t have details of whether these runners withdrew voluntarily, due to injury or did not meet the daily minimum of 50 miles and were therefore technically disqualified – but whatever the case all are sorry to see them go and commend them for a very brave effort. Abichal will hopefully be pleased to have reached the 1000km mark – no small achievement for anyone.

More news as I get it.


Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe – William Sichel’s training advisor –