Athens 1000 mile – 24hr update

A bit of news in from both Alan and Tim as the runners reach the end of the first 24hrs of the race.

Tim tells me “very quickly ‘cos William’s needing a sponge every lap” that he just checked 24 hour distance.

“Schwerk leading with 191km,” [that’s 118.68 miles in old money]

“Schwerk  just nipped across the mat at 23’59!”

Tim adds that “William is 4th with 156km. ” [which is 96.93]

– this is very marginally down on his pre-race target of circa 100 miles in the first 24hrs, but is sounds as though he is very much running to plan. Tim adds –

“William lost a few km after a welcome ice cream break about an hour and a half ago!!”

Alan tells me :

“All is well and William is very comfortable.”

So it looks like William is enjoying himself and taking it fairly easy (he always says that he looks forward to races as a welcome break from the training I put him through.) Alan adds :

“Good conditions, and William celebrated with an ice cream around 22hrs 30mins.”