Thanks to everyone who has posted comments wishing Alan well and hoping for a speedy recovery. I’ll try and collect these up and email them to Alan later. Alan is a familiar, respected and much loved figure in the world of ultra-distance and I know many readers are relieved that there is no lasting harm done.

Alan tends to be the one holding the camera, so I don’t have many shots of him but here is what he looked like at William’s training camp last year.

Alan with William

As some people have commented. there certainly was plenty of drama yesterday.

William told me that after the accident, Alan did his best to film him (as the 1000 km was reached), even though Alan had blood pouring from his head at the time!

William told me that at first he thought he might have to leave the race to take Alan to hospital (which would have been simply too ironic) but luckily others at the race were happy to oblige and William took the chance to call me and then grab a rest.

Alan is now back crewing after a nice long rest but tells me that following the accident, his appearance is currently –  to use his words,


So lacking a current photo of a now heavily bandaged Alan, here is an artist’s impression of Alan following his trip to hospital.

Alan - currently well bandaged

Best wishes Alan – look after yourself!