Abichal Watkins

Abichal Watkins - Wales

Abichal Watkins – UK (Wales) – 46 (Male)

A regular multiday performer and member of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

Abichal Watkins is the only other British runner in the Athens 1000 Mile World Cup.

Abichal Watkins from Wales - Britain's other entrant in the 1000 mile race

At 120hrs / 5 day Abichal had covered just over 290 miles and is currently in 14th place.

Abichal has completed a longer race (under rather different conditions), a 3100 mile race in New York.

Alan tells me, Abichal is a “Great guy just hoping to stay in the race to the finish”.

Abichal in Athens - Staurday Morning

Abichal Watkins (for some reason listed as “Sherrington” by Championchip) is also the webmaster for the Multidays site (well worth a look)

At 120hrs –

14 1 WATKINS ABICHAL 467 km 290.18 miles