“A Head for Running – inside my ultra-marathon triumphs and disasters”

My autobiography will be published on November 12th, sixteen months after I shook hands with my editor, at The Orcadian.

It’s available from my website shop: https://williamsichel.co.uk/shop/

My story covers my early childhood in Welford, Warwickshire, my move to the southeast of England for my teenage years and the subsequent development of a passion for sport which has never subsided. My first love was table tennis which I pursued with an uncharacteristic enthusiasm resulting in extensive training trips to Japan, China and finally Holland. Although achieving international status for Scotland I was unable to reach my lofty goals of becoming truly world-class and abandoned my sporting dreams abruptly in 1981.

Then followed an unusual relocation to the remote Orkney island of Sanday as an incomer or ‘good lifer’ as we were sometimes called. The book charts my tough, early years in Sanday, my marriage to Elizabeth and the arrival of our girls. After 10 years I needed ‘something more’ and went for a jog. The rest is history as they say.

The book describes my early introduction to distance running, the revival of my sporting dreams and almost unbelievable, instant success. Although not a guidebook for runners, there are chapters describing in detail how I completed the World’s longest and hottest races and how I overcame crippling stomach problems in my early years of ultra-running.  The chapter entitled “Becoming world class” describes how I discovered my true abilities in multiday races where I was able to become World No1 and carve out multiple distance running records over a 26-year ultra career.

Other chapters cover my inaugural North Coast 500 record, my nutrition rollercoaster, how I coped with severe medical issues and the loss of Elizabeth, 5 years ago. In addition, I have a chapter that explores the training that brought me success.

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The book has a foreword by Adrian Stott and was recently reviewed by Dr Sarah Scarth (ultra runner and one of Orkney’s Deputy Lieutenants). Here is a short extract from her review:

“William reflects on the highs and lows of his life with a raw honesty. He doesn’t appear to be looking for acceptance or admiration, he is just telling his story. And what a story it is. The achievements and statistics are mind-blowing.” Dr Sarah Scarth.