6 new records from Oslo Indoor 24 hour race

Just returned from last weekend’s Bislett 24 Indoor Challenge in Norway. Broke six of my own age-group records – three British and three Scottish – which I set two years ago at the same venue.

“It was all a bit strange really, but the records I broke were all in the first six hours of the race.  I could see I was going really well early on and so decided to really push for my times at 30 miles, 50 km and for total distance at 6 hours.  I bettered my times by up to 15 minutes which is a lot.  However, by pushing so hard in those early hours I compromised my performance at the full 24 hours and was understandably not able to match my result from 2015 for total distance. That’s just the way it went and I’m delighted with 6 more records.”

My total distance for the 24 hours was 109.9 miles/176.910 km – good enough for 23rd postion from 101 male starters and 4th in my age group.

Thanks to Alan Young for looking after me.