6-Day World Trophy 2015 – William passing 200km & update

20150507_170553-1_resized(1)I Don’t have a time for this photo (other than that it came through this afternoon) but here’s a shot of William as he passed the 200km mark.

Gyula in Hungary wrote earlier (at the 24hr point) :

Brief report at hour 24.

At the moment, Joe clearly dominates the race, leading by 20 kms before the “peloton”. The field is quite dense between place 2 and place 9 and we are happy to see that not less than 15 people finished day one over 100 mile. Hans-Jürgen Schlotter (GER, PB: 876 km) had to stop the race due to a nasty knee injury, which is a huge loss for the game.

Tamás Pula, the current Hungarian record holder (767 km) seems really focused. Just like Csaba Lajkó who most certainly follow a well definied tactics and reserves his power to the other days. Although Kriszta Nagyné Bakucz is far from Sumie Inagaki at the moment, knowing the Hungarian lady and her tactics, Sumie cannot feel herself safe until hour 144. Kriszta slept altogether 12 hours in 2013 and simply walked down her competitors.

After the quick storm last evening, the night was unpleasantly windy. Now the wind calmed down but the sky is clear so we use ice, ice cream and cold water&sponge to make the athletes more comfortable. We don’t expect any considerabe change in the weather until Sunday.