6-Day World Trophy 2015 – William passes 400km before 3-day point


William at 6am Friday

William at 6am Friday

Apologies for the erratic posts, we’ve been having some internet connection problems. Here goes with some updates.

Things have been going well in Balaton. This year’s field for the 6-Day World Trophy is arguably the strongest EVER entered in a single race. While individual athletes have produced astounding performances, there has possibly never been a 6-day race, in the entire history of the event, which has featured this many elite-level runners, any of whom could win the race.

On Friday at around 1.30pm (local time in Hungary), William passed the 300km mark (186.5 miles).

It’s been hot at the race, but by hour 56, Alan told me William had “survived the heat of the day” and was back to “running well”.


William enjoying breakfast at 69hrs, having run 393km / 244 miles

By the 69th hour of the 144 hour long race, William was ready to pause for breakfast after covering 244 miles / 393km .

At around 71`hrs into the race, well before the 3-day point, William had reached 400km (around 248.5 miles).

As I type, William has covered 476kk / 295.5 miles.


More as I get it…




William keeps on going...

William keeps on going…

Congratulations on passing 300km

Congratulations on passing 300km

Proudly flying the Orkney & Scottish flags

Proudly flying the Orkney & Scottish flags