6 Day Recovery

Quite a few people have asked about my recovery after  my 518 miles/834kms in 6 Days in Hungary.  Recovery has been a bit quicker than normal, probably because of the effect on mind and body of having run considerably further, last year, in the 1000 mile race in Athens.

I had 7 days complete rest from exercise.  This included almost 3 days getting home, in a lesurely fashion, then having extra sleep and plenty of good food and a thorough massage on day 5.  I always get a kind of ‘jet lagged’ feeling for a few days afterwards but that gradually fades away.

I walked on the treadmill on day 8 following the race, repeated this on day 9 and then started running, again on the treadmill on day 10.  Following this I had a fairly rapid return to my usual training plan gradually building up intensity and duration.

I introduced some slightly different weight training sessions for a couple of weeks.  These were designed to help replace any muscle mass lost during the race.

I noted that it took me 17 days for full mental energy to return to my training sessions.