48hr Treadmill World Challenge – William had some problems during the night

Back to the race coverage after a bit of a sleep break for me and some email exchanges with Alan in Evreux.

First some catching up.

About 6hrs ago (6am UK time) Alan told me that William was  “Really struggling with feeling unwell.  No recent sickness.  Drinking well and eating custard and taking a colostrum / leucine / glutamine recovery drink. Just very uncomfortable. Taking another 15mins nap from 7:15 (6.15 UK time) to try and get that spark.”

William pushed on until his break regardless, and after that went back to continue running.

About 5hrs ago (7am UK time) Alan told me that William had been “Choking and had some  sickness while trying to take an electrolyte  tablet.”

Alan added that at this point it “All seems a frustrating struggle” but that regardless of all this William was “back at running at 7.5kph” (4.66 mph).

William is pressing on despite feeling unwell. There will be several updates very shortly.